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Application Acceptance Standards

Thank you for considering our property for your next home.  The following information is to assist you in the application process and make it go a smooth as possible.  You can go directly to AVAILABLE NOW on our website and select the unit you wish to apply to, click apply now, you will now enter your information.

The following information is required.  All information will be verified. The applicant must be the individual to reside in the unit.

  • Name, address and phone number of unrelated current and immediate previous landlord for each applicant.
  • We will obtain a credit report from the Equifax Credit Information Services.  Applicant must have a Beacon score over 600.  If no credit has been established, two credit references must be obtained.  We will verify previous rental references of 12 months or longer.  Utilities can only be used if you obtain a credit letter from the utility company.  If bankruptcy has been declared in the past 7 years, proof must be presented that credit has been reestablished.
  • Verifiable employment history of at least six months.
  • Please include a copy of your most recent paycheck.
  • Monthly net income of at least 3 times the monthly rental amount.
  • Because of their limited resources and credit history, we allow
  • Full-Time Students to use Sponsor Guarantor forms. These must be Notarized.
  • You must be a Full-Time Student and provide proof of enrollment.
  • Students are welcome to fill out our application and qualify on their own merits.


Only one pet allowed per apartment (Dogs not allowed in Upstairs units)
$150 Non-refundable fee
$15 per month pet rent
Pet weight limit: under 40 pounds
Pet must be at least a year old
Only domesticated, common household pets will be allowed.
Animals Allowed:
 Cats
 Dogs
 Caged Birds
 Fish*
 Hamsters*
 Guinea Pigs*
 Frogs*
 Iguanas*
 Non Poisonous snakes*

Pets of aggressive disposition deemed by management to be potentially harmful to the health of others are prohibited.
Animals Not Allowed:
 Pit Bulls (also known as Staffordshire Terriers or Bull Terriers)
 Huskies
 Malamutes
 Doberman Pinschers
 Chow Chows

Rabbits & Ferrets are not allowed because if left out they have been known to chew wiring and destroy carpet.
Livestock, poisonous reptiles, amphibians or fish, & rodents are strictly prohibited
*Fish, Hamsters, Guinea Pigs, Frogs, Iguanas & snakes should be in nothing bigger than a 20-gallon fish tank or comparable cage allowing only the reasonable number to live comfortably.